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adventurer antinium arm_raised artifact artist:brack black_eyes blue_robe bright_skin brown_hair byres character:ceria_springwalker character:colthei character:ksmvr character:pisces_jealnet character:yvlon_byres circlet falling female free_antinium frown green_hair group half-elf headband horns_of_hammerad human long_ears long_hair looking_down mage male medium_hair meta:tagme meta:TWISocialMedia necromancer outside red_chestwear robe rope scrying_orb sexless skeleton sky smile spoiler:volume9 sweatshirt topless warrior white_robe // 3000x2119 // 1.2MB // rating:Safeadventurer antinium armor artifact artist:dr_replig8r attack back_view barefoot boots bow_(weapon) byres cape character:ceria_springwalker character:ksmvr character:pisces_jealnet character:tolveilouka_ve'delina_mer character:yvlon_byres dagger explosion front_view glowing_eyes group half-elf holding_bow holding_dagger holding_sword horns_of_hammerad human immortal jumping long_ears long_hair mage magic medium_hair muscle necromancer pink_eyes robe side_view skill_display spoiler:volume8 springwalker sword walking warrior // 1500x1500 // 2.4MB // rating:Safeadventurer artist:zelanters blue_background blue_eyes blue_legwear blue_robe bone boots brown_hair character:ceria_springwalker character:pisces_jealnet duo female green_eyes half-elf horns_of_hammerad human ice long_ears long_hair looking_at_viewer mage male meta:TWISocialMedia necromancer pants red_hair robe short_hair side_view simple_background skeletal_hand smile sparkle spoiler:book2 springwalker white_legwear white_robe // 1918x1009 // 800KB // rating:Safeadventurer arm_raised artist:pkay bag black_background blonde_hair blue_eyes character:ceria_springwalker female front_view half-elf holding_wand horns_of_hammerad ice mage magic medium_hair no_pupils potion red_footwear robe rope shoes simple_background skeletal_hand solo spoiler:book2 springwalker standing transparent_background wand white_robe // 919x1000 // 471KB // rating:Safeadventurer antinium armor artifact artist:auspiciousoctopi black_robe blonde_hair blue_dress bone byres character:ceria_springwalker character:ksmvr character:pisces_jealnet character:yvlon_byres crouching dagger dress female front_view half-elf holding_dagger holding_knife holding_sword horns_of_hammerad human knife lady long_hair looking_up mage magic male medium_hair nobility nude open_mouth robe sexless skeletal_hand spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 springwalker standing sword // 3452x4600 // 15MB // rating:Safeantinium armor artifact artist:mg bag behemoth belt black_hair blonde_hair blue_robe bone bottomless brown_footwear brown_legwear byres cape character:ceria_springwalker character:ksmvr character:yvlon_byres crossbow dagger female front_view glowing_eyes green_eyes grey_background half-elf holding_crossbow holding_sword holding_wand horns_of_hammerad human lady long_ears long_hair mage magic male medium_hair missing_arm necromancer nobility pants robe sexless simple_background skeletal_hand skirmisher spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 springwalker sword undead wand warrior white_legwear white_robe // 2400x1553 // 1.4MB // rating:Safeantinium armor artist:zelanters barefoot blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_robe bone boots bottomless brown_hair byres cape character:ceria_springwalker character:ksmvr character:pisces_jealnet character:yvlon_byres female green_eyes group half-elf holding_sword horns_of_hammerad human lady long_ears long_hair mage male medium_hair meta:TWISocialMedia missing_arm necromancer nobility open_mouth robe sexless shoes simple_background skeletal_hand skirmisher smile sparkle spoiler:book2 springwalker sword walking warrior white_robe // 1252x620 // 101KB // rating:Safealbez antinium armor artist:lechatdemon blonde_hair blue_eyes bone burns byres character:ceria_springwalker character:ksmvr character:pisces_jealnet character:yvlon_byres corridor door elemental female fire_elemental glowing_eyes group half-elf holding_sword horns_of_hammerad human lady long_hair mage male missing_arm necromancer nobility potion sexless shield short_hair sitting skeletal_hand skirmisher spoiler:book3 spoiler:volume3 springwalker standing sword wand warrior yellow_eyes // 1165x686 // 69KB // rating:Safeartist:fiore character:pisces_jealnet human mage meta:tagme meta:TWISocialMedia necromancer spoiler:book9 spoiler:volume5 undead // 3200x2400 // 5.9MB // rating:Safeartist:meglymelon brown_hair candle cape cave character:pisces_jealnet character:toren fire glowing_eyes human looking_at_viewer mage necromancer potion purple_eyes short_hair skull spoiler:book1 sweatshirt undead upper_body // 1080x810 // 84KB // rating:Safeartist:fiore character:pisces_jealnet meta:tagme meta:TWISocialMedia spoiler:book1 // 1200x1200 // 142KB // rating:Safeadventurer arm_raised artifact artist:akntheartist bag belt black_legwear book boots bright_skin brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair brown_handwear character:pisces_jealnet desert dunes front_view frown gloves holding_book holding_sword horns_of_hammerad human mage magic male necromancer orange_background outside pants pointing robe sand short_hair solo spellbook spoiler:volume8 standing sword white_robe // 1600x2138 // 3.6MB // rating:Safearm_raised artist:zelanters behemoth blonde_hair blood blue_legwear blue_robe bone boots brown_hair character:ceria_springwalker character:pisces_jealnet female frostmarrow_behemoth half-elf holding_hands ice long_hair mage male meta:animated meta:TWISocialMedia necromancer pants robe sharp_nails sharp_teeth short_hair simple_background skeletal_hand skull spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 springwalker transparent_background trio undead white_legwear white_robe // 559x505 // 1.4MB // rating:Safeartist:pkay beard belt black_robe bone boots brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair brown_legwear character:pisces_jealnet frown hood human mage male medium_hair mustache necromancer pants rapier robe simple_background skeletal_hand skull solo spoiler:book1 standing sword white_background // 623x1000 // 419KB // rating:Safeartifact artist:lechatdemon blue_scales brown_hair brown_legwear character:pisces_jealnet drake duo holding_shield holding_sword human isceil mage male medium_hair necromancer outside pants rapier ring sharp_teeth shield shoes spoiler:book13 spoiler:volume6 sword // 1116x716 // 81KB // rating:Safeadventurer aerial_view arm_raised artist:bobo_plushie blonde_hair bright_skin byres character:yvlon_byres exclamation_mark female lady long_hair nobility pillow sheet simple_background solo spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 sword transparent_background warrior // 384x389 // 231KB // rating:Safeadventurer armor artist:zelanters blonde_hair blood blue_eyes byres character:yvlon_byres female front_view holding_sword lady long_hair looking_at_viewer meta:animated meta:TWISocialMedia nobility pixel_art simple_background solo spoiler:book1 standing sword transparent_background // 68x150 // 57KB // rating:Safeartist:pkay belt blonde_hair brown_legwear byres character:yvlon_byres female front_view holding_sword human lady long_hair nobility pants simple_background solo spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 standing sword warrior white_background // 1000x722 // 374KB // rating:Safeantinium artist:hellcat character:ksmvr free_antinium horns_of_hammerad horse meta:tagme meta:TWISocialMedia spoiler:book2 // 1509x1413 // 638KB // rating:Safeantinium artist:zelanters character:ksmvr commissioner:pirateaba meta:tagme meta:TWISocialMedia spoiler:book11 spoiler:volume6 // 2550x3300 // 557KB // rating:Safe
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