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TitleCollaborate Drawing by GridCube
Tagsanimal, antinium, architect, archmage, arm_raised, armor, artifact, artist:anito, artist:artsy_nada, artist:auspiciousoctopi, artist:blueboyv1, artist:brack, artist:chalyon, artist:gridcube, artist:lechatdemon, artist:me, artist:mencret, artist:pontastic, artist:qthebird, attack, axe, back_view, bag, barefoot, beak, beard, belt, black_cape, black_hair, black_legwear, blonde_hair, blue_dress, blue_eyes, blue_feather, blue_skin, bone, boots, bow, bright_skin, brown_chestwear, brown_eyes, brown_footwear, brown_hair, brown_legwear, cape, caption, carpet, chainmail, character:amerys, character:drevish, character:erin_solstice, character:fetohep, character:flos_reimarch, character:gazi_pathseeker, character:ivolethe, character:ksmvr, character:mars, character:minizi, character:mrsha, character:niers_astoragon, character:nsiia_oliphant, character:orjin, character:pirate, character:quarass, character:ryoka_griffin, character:takhatres, character:thef, character:zamea, child, classless, closed_eyes, cloud, crossbow, crown, dark_skin, desert, dress, elephant, empress, fae, female, flying, flying_carpet, fraerling, front_view, frost_faery, frozen, frying_pan, full_moon, garuda, glider, gloves, glowing_eyes, gnoll, gnome, green_eyes, grey_skin, halberd, half-gazer, half-giant, head_only, holding_axe, holding_crossbow, holding_halberd, holding_mace, holding_spear, holding_sword, human, ice, immortal, jaw_of_zeikhal, jewelry, king, lightning, long_hair, looking_at_viewer, looking_down, looking_up, mace, mage, magic, male, martial_artist, mecha, medium_hair, meta:meme, meta:tagartist, moon, mustache, necklace, no_pupils, nobility, open_mouth, pants, pointing, purple_eyes, rat, red_eyes, red_hair, red_legwear, riding, robe, sand, seven, sexless, sharp_nails, shoes, short_hair, side_view, sitting, skeletal_hand, skeleton, skull, sky, smile, sparkle, spear, spoiler:volume7, standing, strategist, sword, toned_skin, topless, twisted_antinium, undead, warrior, white_chestwear, white_fur, white_legwear, yellow_chestwear, yellow_eyes, yellow_headwear, yellow_robe, zoomorphized
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Ayutac: (Original comment in old booru by user gridcube)

from top to bottom left to right:

King Fetohep of Khelt, Erin Solstice, moon gnomes, Ryoka Griffin, Amerys.
Bone Behemoth and Khelt's Army, Zamea, Mecha Mrsha, Flos, Takhatres, Mars the Illusionist, Drevish's head, The Quarass in a flying carpet, Gazi Pathseeker, Empress Nsiia (Thef the great elephant).
Orjin, Ksmvr, a rat with a hat, minizi, a rat with pirateaba's head