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adventurer aerial_view antinium artist:momo attack bag belt black_eyes blood bloodfields blue_legwear blue_robe bright_skin byres character:ceria_springwalker character:ksmvr character:pisces_jealnet character:yvlon_byres female free_antinium front_view green_legwear grey_chestwear grey_footwear group holding_sword horns_of_hammerad human ice jumping kneeling mage magic male meta:tagchar meta:tagobj necromancer pants plant pointing ponytail potion rapier robe sexless shoes side_view skeletal_hand skeleton skill_display sky spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 standing sword tree wagon warrior watchertree white_robe // 4160x3120 // 2.5MB // rating:Safe
armor artist:momo attack bandages blood bloodfields blue_legwear bright_skin byres character:yvlon_byres grey_chestwear holding_sword human ice long_hair open_mouth pants plant ponytail potion spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 sword tree watchertree // 4160x3120 // 765KB // rating:Safeadventurer arm_raised artist:momo attack back_view bag belt blonde_hair bloodfields blue_legwear blue_robe bright_skin brown_footwear brown_hair byres character:ceria_springwalker character:pisces_jealnet character:yvlon_byres front_view grey_chestwear group holding_sword holding_wand long_hair plant ponytail rapier robe shoes short_hair skeletal_hand skill_display skull smile spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 sword tree trio wagon wand watchertree wheel white_robe // 4160x3120 // 752KB // rating:Safeantinium armor artist:momo belt blood bloodfields brown_footwear character:ceria_springwalker character:ksmvr free_antinium green_legwear grey_chestwear half-elf holding_sword holding_wand human kneeling meta:tagchar plant pointing potion shield shoes skeleton spoiler:book14 spoiler:volume6 sword tree wagon wand watchertree wheel // 4160x3120 // 806KB // rating:Safe


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