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acid acid_jar apron arm_raised artist:pkay bandages bright_skin brown_hair brown_legwear character:erin_solstice earther female front_view glass holding_knife human innkeeper jar knife medium_hair open_mouth ponytail shirt simple_background solo spoiler:book1 standing thread white_background white_chestwear // 839x1000 // 411KB // rating:Safe
apron arm_raised artist:(o(エ)o) bandages bright_skin brown_hair character:erin_solstice earther female front_view holding_knife human innkeeper knife medium_hair open_mouth pants red_background shirt solo spoiler:book1 standing sun yellow_background // 1032x1031 // 668KB // rating:Safe3d_art artist:cybeck character:erin_solstice human meta:tagme spoiler:book1 // 1678x2000 // 1.9MB // rating:Safe


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